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Anatoliy Yunitskiy awarded the investor for the video review of the EcoFest-2018

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SkyWay has gathered a lot of creative people around it. On 12 July, Maxim Zaika, a project investor, posted a video review of the EcoFest 2018 on his YouTube channel. The video is full of exciting moments for which the festival was remembered last year. The SkyWay Information Service contacted Maxim and asked him to share his views on the project, its prospects and relevance.

I got to know about SkyWay in March 2014. At that time, a visual demonstration of this transport consisted of computer graphics in the form of pictures and several videos. It was a completely different concept of transport, and it looked like a fantastic idea, the implementation of which caused great doubts. After having studied the technical information about Yunitskiy's string transport, I saw a deep elaboration of the idea, the embodiment of which will improve every person's life.

I saw in Anatoliy Eduardovich a wise man, with highly moral principles, concerned about the attitude of man to nature, the attitude which destroys our common home, the planet Earth. As a dreamer and inventor, Anatoliy Eduardovich came up with his own solution to save the planet, and he lives by this idea and does everything possible to implement it.

To make the string transport a reality, CJSC "String Technologies" has already come a long way. The innovative transport system, own production, design bureaux with a team of highly qualified engineers have been created almost from scratch. Now, the SkyWay's transport is so real that you can touch it, take a ride and see for yourself that this transport is the future. It's amazing that SkyWay's development is being carried out in the open, before the eyes of all those who are closely following this fascinating project.

Maхim Zaika will receive additional investment shares from Anatoliy Yunitskiy's personal funds as a reward for his contribution to the popularization of SkyWay.

Last week, the SkyWay information service reported about awarding of Pyotr Sinichkin, the investor, who addressed to General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy with the open letter, in which he supported the idea of creating the General Planetary Vehicle and shared his own video presentation on the subject. As a reward for the promotion of the string transport systems, Anatoliy Yunitskiy awarded the author of videos about SkyWay with 25,000 investment shares.

If you also want to share your creative work  write to the following email: [email protected]

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