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Become a Sky World Community partner and support in the development of international technological start-up

Sky World Community Partner Program

Honest cooperation
We offer transparent and mutually beneficial partnerships and cooperation conditions.
Training from any level
Proven and really working model of building partnerships.
Ease entry into the program
A fair marketing plan that allows you to earn at all stages of cooperation.
Fast income growth
Rapid growth in income. Special leadership bonuses for efficient work.
24/7 Support
A team of professional information managers will help you with your partner program.
Get the partner program
Find out the conditions for participation in the program, as well as a reward and bonuses payment plan for the development of the partner structure.
We offer you
Effective tools
Use ready-made landings to popularize your project and track statistics of your work in your personal office. Our website, social media pages and presentation materials will help you to work more effectively.
Professional training
Highly effective trainings and team workshops will allow you to become a master in what you do, you will learn how effectively manage your business and build successful relationships in your team. The best speakers will share the secrets of success with you.
Valuable experience
By helping to develop the string transport project, you become an engine for world technological progress.
Speakers' help
We regularly hold webinars and offline meetings, to which you can invite potential investors for them to get to know all the details about the project.
Success Stories of Our Partners
Dagnija Reinholde
61 years old, an actress,investor
When I heard about the string transport project, I immediately realized that its mission was to change the modern transport system, our way of life and contribute to the solution of global environmental problems. That was the main reason why I became a partner of the company.
My life experience shows that perseverance, individual or collective, is able to overcome any obstacles and realize the wildest dreams. Everyday life is full of examples, looking at which we admire the creative talent of their authors. This applies to mobile phones, flat-screen TVs, electric vehicles, bridges that cross the sea, genetic engineering, etc. All these inventions have facilitated and continue to facilitate our lives. They became possible thanks to the will, creativity and perseverance of our inventors and politicians who support these projects.
For two and a half years of work, I have built a large partner network that includes participants from countries such as France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, several African countries, including Cote d'Ivoire, Benin and others. I talk about the project to everyone who is interested in innovative, environmental and safe technologies.
As soon as I decided to become a partner of Sky World Community, I completely gave myself to this project because I firmly believed and still believe that this transport technology will be implemented in our cities.
Svetlana Sharban
45 years old, aesthetic cosmetologist,
I was interested not only in the opportunity to receive dividends. I wanted this unique transport to appear in our cities as soon as possible. This requires funding. Unfortunately, there are many ingenious developments that remained at the level of theoretical justifications. Money themselves does not "knock at the door", and attracting funds needs time, "connections" and concentration. Thanks to the system of crowdfunding the project, the dream of Anatoli Eduardovich Unitsky can be realized. As the proverb says: "A friend in court is better than a penny in purse"!
I had the opportunity to realize my personal dreams, solve financial problems, to build my own business to create passive income. So, I decided to become a partner of Sky World Community. By participating in the partner program, I help to unite the efforts of potential investors, telling them about the new transport venture capital investment and lifelong dividends.
In April 2016, I joined the project and signed a partner agreement. Still not understanding all the subtleties of technology, I realized the importance of the construction of the string tracks in my country. I know that the transport industry is one of the most popular and best for investment. At that time, I offered to officially open my region. The first conference of Sky World Community in Chisinau was held on May 24, 2016.
Gradually, the team and I expanded our presentations and today in Moldova, 5-8 official presentations are held every month. But there is still a lot of work. There are settlements where the foot of Sky World Community has never been set in yet. And that is what we are working with my team on.
In the company, I learned how to set goals, plan and track results. I overcame the fear of speaking in front of large audiences, and now I am happy to conduct presentations and webinars.
36 years old, a teacher of English, psychologist
I was attracted by the idea of the company. And the Sky World Community partner program presented an opportunity to make money here and now.
During my work I learned new skills: I learned how to create websites, own channel on YouTube, improved my financial literacy. In a year and a half, as a partner, I made new connections and, most importantly, became a co-owner of the breakthrough technology!
The partnership in Sky World Community for me is an opportunity to expand my outlook, make new connections and ensure the stability of the present and future.
Natalia Kospolova
54 years old, an artist, entrepreneur in the field of network marketing
I got to know about the string transport project in 2015. I was surprised by the beauty of the innovative transport system, but then, I did not see myself as a part of the company.
Later, my good acquaintance explained me the importance of the cause, which the project and its team are engaged in. Thank to that lady, I became an investor. The EcoFest 2017 played one of the most important roles in shaping my vision. After my participation in it, I started telling my friends about the project with special inspiration, and several people supported my enthusiasm.
So, that is how I started earning on the formation of the international team.
For three years of working as a partner, I have learned to create my own investment portfolio. An important skill for me was handling objections. I learned to look for "my people" and to build a team of associates. The Sky World Community leadership training system helped me understand the principles of interaction with people.
I consider the active participation in the development of the Khanty-Mansiysk region my personal achievement. Today, I get rewards from the company, travel around the world, meet new people. My life has become eventful and interesting.
I discovered the style of a person who is always in the process of development.
Thea Gvazava
38 years old, a teacher of French
The string transport project attracted me by the growth prospects. I saw it as a global company that changed the lives of many people.
Working as a partner, helped me to get the result in a short time, improve relations with people, create a team and fully realize my potentials. I have grown in every way.
39 years old, a bartender
My relations with the string transport project began in September 2014. Then, I was looking for a source for investment to build a house. The idea was simple: I am buying shares, will keep that as a secret, and in 3-5 years, will sell them.
But the deeper I was delving into the project, the more my attitude was changing. I realized that this idea was unique, one in a million, was economically advantageous, environmentally safe and able to save the planet.
I decided that I should help Anatoli Unitsky to build the Testing Centre in Belarus and to enter the world market. That is what I have been doing for last 4 years.
The string transport project unites people and makes them one family. I have made many friends over the period of my work.
David Gatenadze
55 years old, a mechanical engineer
For me, the string transport is an opportunity to touch the future. This is a business that allows to earn and at the same time to care about the environment.
As an partner, I learned about teamwork and the rules of business. The trainings and seminars which I participated in during the training, have played a great role for me.
Just over a year, I have attracted several large investors. And today, I am interacting with the government bodies of Georgia and Azerbaijan for implementation of the targeted projects.
My main achievement, as I think, is the established relations with foreign partners, participation in the development of the international company and a genuine confidence in my future and the future of my children.
Mzia Kereselidze
54 years old, a radio engineer
I became a partner in Sky World Community with the expectation of great promise, the bright future for my children and stable income.
In the company, I learned how to build a business effectively, mastering new skills. For 9 months of work, I have become a qualified partner and have gathered the world class team.
The Sky World Community training program helps not only in business but in life as well.
Miroslav Petrovich
46 years old, a photographer, cameraman, editor
I became a Sky World Community partner after I had familiarized myself with its technologies. Over 10 months of work, my life has become much better, with SWC I will be provided for the rest of my life.
60 years old,an entrepreneur
SWC has attracted me by the globality of its ideas.
For three years of cooperation, I have managed to attract more than 2000 partners. Teamwork is the main thing I have learned during this time. For me, this opportunity has become a step towards financial stability and confidence in my future.
How to become a partner?
Register in the personal office
In the section “Partners”, accept the Partner Agreement
Share a referral link and get rewarded according to the terms of the marketing plan
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is there a limit on withdrawals? The minimum amount for withdrawal is 30 dollars.
  • How to check if the referral link works? After receiving the referral link, follow it yourself (or send it to someone) and create a new account. This account will be tagged with your referral link and will appear in your personal office.
  • How can I withdraw money? Applying for money withdrawal from your personal office, you can withdraw money to a bank card, QIWI, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, WebMoney.
  • How to monitor the flow of investments from invitees? In your personal office, you can monitor all accounts registered with your partner ID, as well as to see all their payments.