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For those, who still keep the tickets to the EcoFest 2018

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Before the EcoFest 2018, it was announced by the SkyWay Group of Companies that those who would not be able to ride the SkyWay rolling stock on the day of the event, would still have that opportunity if a participant kept his/her event ticket and visited the EcoTechoPark as a member of the organized group.  "For this, there will be be selected several days on which there will be the possibility to come to the SkyWay test and demonstration centre and ride the string transport, as well as to receive an additional bonus from the company-developer on the day of arrival.”

We specify the details of the group rides arrangement:

• Admission to the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark is possible for organized groups whose members purchased and kept the EcoFest 2018 entrance tickets, but did not receive travel tickets for the string transport ride or did not attend the  event.

• The application for the organized group visit approval must be submitted to the CJSC "String Technologies" not later than five weeks before the date of the proposed event.

• The number of participants in the group for which the visit is being organized must be at least 30 people.

• When making an application for visiting the EcoTechnoPark, participants must provide copies of the EcoFest 2018 entrance tickets.

• Applications from participants who received compensation for their unused admission tickets will not be considered.

Today, on the territory of the EcoTechnoPark, there constantly are carried out tests and construction works. Restrictions on access to the territory of the demonstration and certification centre are related to security concerns regarding adherence to work schedules  of the project organization.

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