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FIRJAN System from Rio de Janeiro visiting uSky Transport

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Representatives of several companies that are part of the FIRJAN System visited uSky Test & Certification Centre. FIRJAN System — is a network of private non-profit organisations that promotes business competitiveness, education and quality of life for industrial workers and the entire community in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The FIRJAN System consists of five institutions: the Industrial Centre of Rio de Janeiro (CIRJ), the Social Service of Industry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SESI Rio), the National Service of Industrial Training of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SENAI Rio) and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute of Rio de Janeiro (IEL Rio).

Innovative uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology, as it shows great prospects in development of string rail transport, aroused keen interest of guests from Rio de Janeiro. Businessmen are interested in finding new technological solutions for their region and are looking for reliable business partners. uSky Transport could well be one of them.

The relevance of this project is grounded by the urgent need to solve global modern problems like lack of resources, overpopulation of the cities, environmental problems, obsolescence of historically developed, residential, industrial, and transport infrastructure.

Implementation of high-speed transport and infrastructure solutions by uSky Transport will provide residents of Rio de Janeiro not just with a way to save travel time, but also create favorable conditions for social, cultural and economic development. These solutions will drive progress, help unite different demographic groups and broaden everyone's perspectives. High-speed uFlash is sure to become a major competitor to traditional modes of transport by providing people with new mobility options.

The delegates were impressed by the uSky Transport’s huge potential and thanked our team for exciting uSky tour. They also expressed hope for possible further cooperation and exchange of professional experience.

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