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UST Inc. provided the results for the year

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UST Inc. has released its traditional New Year's Eve video with its 2023 results. In the year coming to an end, the company introduced new transport products to the world, implemented the first project for commercial transport, and completed the construction of a demonstration and certification complex in the UAE. Also, there is a new milestone in the company's history of financial development — Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has reached self-sufficiency.

Other important things that have happened this year at our partner:

●      uSky Centre in the UAE was visited by representatives of governments and business communities from more than twenty countries. Among the guests of honour were the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah and the President of the American University of Sharjah. The comfort and safety of the unimobiles was also appreciated by the Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India;

●      This year UST Inc. solutions were presented at twelve major international exhibitions, the most important of which are the World Congress of World Cities in Spain, GITEX Global 2024 in the United Arab Emirates, as well as two important events in Turkey: Eurasia Rail and the Global Conference on Global Warming — GCGV;

●      in 2023 UST Inc. prepared about one hundred commercial proposals for projects. Fifteen regions of the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe have been covered. Meanwhile, more than eighty of the proposed uST transport and infrastructure complexes are passenger facilities;

●      Company has signed new commercial agreements on design work, implementation of another transport infrastructure complex, development of design documentation for one of the projects and  concept of the transport infrastructure complex, with agreements signed in different regions, countries and continents;

●      UST Inc. has completed construction and commenced commissioning and testing of the «Carat» transport and infrastructure complex. The uSky Centre has already carried out the first tests of «Carat» while driving on a string-rail flyover. Control, safety and driving comfort systems of unimobile have been tested. Commissioning work on the track structure is in the final stage. After their completion, there will be checks with the transition to running tests;

●      UST Inc. has received more than ten international patents as well as new environmental management system certifications with expanded coverage;

●      Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has launched its first project for commercial transport — the «uLite» transport infrastructure complex. It is designed to solve transport and business tasks in «Aquarelle» EcoPark. Today, «uLite» complex has already been put into operation as a freight transport system. After passing all the necessary official procedures and obtaining the relevant documents, it will start transporting the EcoPark guests to the lakeshores and recreation areas.

The company plans for the next year: to conclude several new contracts for the design of tracks with a total length of at least two hundred kilometres, to pass expert examination of design documentation and to enter the stage of construction of transport and infrastructure complexes uST.

But apart from that, the UST Inc. team has an important goal in front of them — to conclude an agreement to allocate a site for a high-speed transport complex of more than twenty kilometres. This will allow testing of unimobiles at speeds of up to five hundred kilometres per hour, as well as the logistics infrastructure required for this. Research and development work is also planned on a high-speed transport complex with high-capacity unimobiles, a hyper-speed complex and a warehouse automation system for seaports.

Watch the full video from UST Inc.

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