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uSky Transport attracts attention from Brazil once again

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A large delegation of Mayors from various Brazilian cities and states visited the uSky Testing and Certification Centre.

Brazil is a large country with a varied topography and climate, which influences the transport infrastructure arrangements. It may be less developed in some regions of the country, especially in remote areas. 

During the uSky tour, delegates got a detailed description of the capabilities of uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology, based on the patented technologies of uSky rail and the uSky transport flyover:

The guests visited the show room where the uFlash high-speed electric car is presented. It is designed for travel on intercity and international routes at speeds of up to 500 kph. Mayors learned about efficiency, eco-friendliness and safety of the steel wheel high-speed uFlash electric vehicle

uSky complex is easily adaptable for any logistics tasks in urban (speeds up to 150 kph) and intercity (speeds up to 500 km/h) passenger and freight/passenger transportation, as well as cargo transportation at speeds up to 150 kph;

Special design of uSky flyovers can significantly reduce their materials consumption and increase durability and reliability both when exposed to extreme natural and climatic conditions (earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, gales, fog, glaze frosts, snow and sand banks), and man-made factors as well

The most anticipated moment of uSky tour was the track demonstration of certified tropical uCar. The guests watched the launch of the latest mode of transport with genuine interest. Safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly, uCar is designed for urban and intercity travel and is adapted for regions with maximum operating temperature of up to +55°C, and that is especially important for residents of Brazil

Capabilities of the cargo uCont vehicle were also shown to the guests, which can be used in logistics hubs, sea and river ports, and mining sites in very different climatic conditions

Having all the necessary resources, uSky Transport is ready to develop business relationships with new Brazilian partners and clients, and offer them laying high-quality routes to any region of the most powerful country in South America.

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