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SWC Mobile 2.0 promotion has been launched in Personal Account

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Our team is constantly working to improve the SWC mobile application to make it more comfortable and functional for you. The updated version of the application is already available on Android and iOS platforms. For this event, we are launching a continuation of a special SWC Mobile promotion in Personal Account.

To access SWC Mobile special packages with increased discounts, from November 2, 2023, install the SWC mobile application and enable push notifications.

Which packages are available under the SWC Mobile 2.0 promotion

SWC Mobile in installments for 5 months:

— 1:65 discount for $250, $500 or $1,000.

SWC Mobile with one-time payment:

— 1:70 discount for $250, $500 or $1,000.

Please note: under the basic conditions, you can formalize only 1 package and only 1 time until the end of the promotion. But if you take part in the SWC Mobile 2.0 promotion and complete the Week 2 tasks, you will get access to re-formalization of SWC Mobile packages. And if you complete all the weekly tasks, you'll get unlimited access to SWC Mobile packages and other valuable prizes.

What prizes are available for completing tasks for the SWC Mobile 2.0 promotion?

The promotion will last five weeks. In each of the five weeks, you can get weekly prizes for completing tasks. Among them:

●      Bonus portions;

●       Cashback for one top-up up to $3,000 in cryptocurrency;

●      Personal consultations from SWC Experts and much more.

Main prizes for completing all tasks of all five weeks for the SWC Mobile 2.0 promotion:

1. Unlimited access to SWC Mobile 1.0 packages with increased discount:

●      the discount for SWC Mobile 2.0 in installments for 5 months will increase from 1:65 to 1:70;

●      the discount for SWC Mobile 2.0 with one-time payment will increase from 1:70 to 1:75.

Note: access to SWC Mobile 2.0 promotion packages with higher discounts will remain available until the end of Stage 15, if after paying installment or one-time payment, you formalize new package within 180 days. If this does not happen, access to the promotion is closed. You can only formalize one of the SWC Mobile packages at a time. If it is not paid in full, then the second one cannot be formalized.

2. Three gift coupons with access to SWC Mobile packages.

You can gift coupons with access to SWC Mobile packages to any verified user in any structure regardless of their level. You can't gift access to the promotion only to users who had access but didn't use it. The gifted coupon can be used within 7 days of receipt.

3. Additional accrual of portions for all formalized SWC Mobile 2.0 packages

If you formalize SWC Mobile 2.0 packages with the standard discount of 1:65 for installments or 1:70 for one-time payment and pay it off by 14.12.2023 23:59 (UTC+3), then for these packages you will get accrual of additional portions to your Premium Account up to the discounts of the corresponding packages for the first SWC Mobile promotion (1:70 for installments and 1:75 for one-time payment).

How to perform tasks and get prizes for SWC Mobile 2.0 promotion

1. Every week new tasks will be opened on the promotion page. Once you have completed all of the week's tasks, the week's prizes will be available to you;

2. To get the prizes of the week, click the «Get prizes”» button. It is activated after all the tasks have been completed. The time of updating the information about prizes in Personal Account can be up to 5 hours;

3. Access to new tasks and prizes only appears with the new week. Until then, new tasks and prizes are hidden, even if you have completed last week's tasks;

4. The previous weeks' tasks can be completed after the end of these weeks and before the finale of the promotion. Prizes of each previous week will be available as soon as the tasks are completed.

Note: some prizes from weeks two to five are only available after completing the tasks of the first week.

We remind that the new version of the SWC application is available for Android and iOS. In the application you can use all the basic functionality of your Personal Account — read the latest news about the Project, see the number of portions and accounts balances, find out the amount of referral accruals, find out the status of installments and much more. You can download the application from Google Play, Huawei AppGallery and App Store.

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