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Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce - guests of uSky Transport

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Efficient transport operation — is a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth and improved living standards in any country. And uSky Transport, following the mission of founder and CEO Dr Anatoli Unitsky, continues its international cooperation in this field.

This time, a delegation from the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce visited the uSky Centre. The delegation — Antonio Rotondo, president of the organisation; Paolo Lorusso, treasurer and business–adviser; Pasquale Izzo, development director; Adriana Capaj, adviser, journalist and head of the startup cluster; Khaled Sedrak, international relations officer; Rosella Cemerino, head of public relations and startup cluster.

At the uSky Transport office, delegates saw a model of a linear city, a concept that made a lasting impression on the audience. uCity — is an eco-friendly city with integrated uSky transport and infrastructure complexes using patented uSky rail and uSky flyover technologies.

Anatoli Unitsky proudly showed the guests a high-speed uFlash. With exceptional aerodynamics, this highly efficient, environmentally friendly and safe, steel-wheeled electric uPod is capable of speeds up to 500 kph.

Guests were also presented with a certified tropical uCar designed for urban and intercity travel and adapted for regions with an arid climate and operating temperatures of up to +55 °C. The test drive was an excellent opportunity to experience the exceptional reliability and comfort of this steel-wheeled electric vehicle.

The delegates highly evaluated uSky transport and infrastructure technologies and had a discussion on possible implementation of uSky projects in Italy. The priority for Italian visitors is to create a modern, environmentally friendly and efficient infrastructure that will contribute to the long-term economic growth of their country. Sharing our customers' and partners' passion for progressive development, uSky Transport is ready to make its manufacturing facilities available for the creation of innovative transport complexes with a 100-year guarantee of perfect quality.

After discussing cooperation opportunities, the president of the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce left a positive note in Guest of Honour Book of the uSky Centre

The Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce team was so impressed by the introduction to uSky transport and infrastructure technology and its founder Anatoli Unitsky that they decided to repeat their visit the next day for more thorough negotiations.

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