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uSky Centre sets a new record

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uSky Test & Certification Centre was visited by quite a large group of students and teachers from Ramachandran International Institute of Management (RIIM), Pune, India. This visit was prepared with the support of Vijigishu Education Pvt Ltd. To date, this is the largest delegation that’s visited the uSky Transport office — more than 95 guests were on the company's premises at the same time.

Vijigishu Education Pvt Ltd (VEPL) specializes in organizing International and domestic study tours, Academic workshops, Transformational learning programs, and Leadership & spiritual programs for students from all educational backgrounds, faculty members, and working professionals.

Ramachandran International Institute of Management (RIIM), Pune, is one of the leading and recognised Management Institutes of India. RIIM — the 1st Corporate Style B-School in Pune. RIIM was started with the vision to bridge the Industry– Academia gap by making the existing MBA & PGDM programmes more Practical, Industry relevant and Skill based.

The student delegation was accompanied by: Prof. Suraj Sharma, Chairman RIIM Pune; Hon. Rajendra Singh-IPS, Ex. Additional DirectorGeneral of Police, Maharashtra Chief Mentor, RIIM Pune; Dr. Ajit Sane, Campus Director RIIM Pune; Mrs. Sonia Sharma, Trustee RIIM Pune; Dr. Manisha Saxena, Dean – Academics; Prof. Akhtar Ali Sayyed, Head of Department; Mr. Pranav Chobhe, Director Vijigishu Education Pvt Ltd.

The first impression is extremely important, so the traditional uSky tour began with a welcoming speech by Sergey Tarasov, CEO of uSky Transport, where he spoke in detail about the company, its history and mission, and, of course, about its founder and general designer Anatoli Unitsky.

The first stop on the uSky Transport journey was the indoor pavilion where the high-speed and very stylish flagship, the uFlash, was on display. The students enthusiastically explored the electric vehicle and asked questions about the new mode of transportation.

The tour continued with a demonstration of the uCity linear city model, where students were told about all the features and advantages of uSky complexes and their harmonious combination with each other, and most importantly — with nature.

The uSky Transport team always carefully prepares for each visit of all guests, but this time the delegates really surprised the uSky Transport representatives. At the end of the uHouse green tour, the young people held an awards ceremony, thanked the team for the opportunity to visit the uSky Testing and Certification Center, and handed out memorable gifts.

This was followed by a ride in a certified tropical uCar designed for urban and intercity travel and adapted for regions with a dry climate and an operating temperature limit of +55 °C.

uSky Transport welcomes the opportunities to share our experience with young talented people and inspire their creative minds to develop promising new technologies and concepts meant to improve the quality of life for people around the globe.

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