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Test track 4: rail head installation

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uSky continues the construction of test track 4 in Sharjah. The most unobservable but important components of the track structure, the railhead and the track, are currently being installed. It is the track that takes up all the loads from the uPod wheels and transfers them to the rest of the frame of the transport overpass structure.

Now uSky Transport is installing a unique rail head design to minimise wear and noise and ensure a 100 year track life.

The combination of hardened steels and optimum wheel load distribution has resulted in guaranteed reliability for 100 million load cycles, a figure that guarantees 100 years of service life for all elements of transport overpass structures.

The use of modern compounds and aggregates has reduced the impact of vibration and shock loads when uPods, steel wheeled electric vehicles, are passing.

It should also be noted that this combination of steel, composite materials and polymeric compounds across the entire cross section of the string-rail has resulted in a significant reduction in noise level.

The flat-head rail represents a line that is the result of a wide range of scientific and engineering research. And no matter how small and narrow this line is, it will always be under control.

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