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Express results of the EcoFest-2018

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The annual event EcoFest-2018, which gathers the supporters of the string transport arounnd the world, was held at the weekend.   At the EcoFest, the SkyWay String Transport developer, CJSC "String Technologies", reports about the work done during the year and informs about the plans for the future.

The central event of the EcoFest is the speech of the General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy.  This year, he announced that the development of the project was entering a new stage: one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world - the United Arab Emirates - has allocated the land for string transport testing and its subsequent implementation.  Anatoliy Eduardovich noted that in the conditions of procrastination with the provision of land for the test section of the high-speed track in Belarus, the company was forced to look for other options:

So, "if the mountain will not go to the man, then the man must go to the mountain". Our investors cannot wait for years.  About six months ago I started looking for an opportunity to build a high-speed test complex in another country.  Today I can name this country:  it is the United Arab Emirates.  We have received the support of the government of this country."

Anatoliy Yunitskiy highlighted that relations with the UAE have already moved to the level of implementation.  The country's leadership has allocated the necessary resources for the creation of the test sites, including for a new project - forevacuum transport "Hyper-U."

"They have already demonstrated how they need the string roads.  We have been allocated the land for a total of more than 50 hectares, for two  SkyWay technological sites: one 2.5- km long section for urban and cargo complexes, including for the transportation of the sea containers weighing up to 35 tons, where we plan to get a speed of 150 km/hour; the second section is 25- kilometers long, where we plan to reach speeds of up to 600 kilometers per hour, with an increase in the length of the section to 60 kilometers, where in the future we will build the Hyper-U forevacuum tube and get a speed of 1250 km/h."

According to Anatoliy Yunitskiy, the construction in the UAE is planned very soon:

"We begin construction in the Emirates in September.  Everything is ready for this. These are our first targeted projects, the so-called "related projects" - the prototypes of the transport-infrastructure complexes for state orders in tropical design".

Anatoliy Yunitskiy also announced the development of the company's blockchain-platform.  With its help it is planned to manage the projects of the string transport and support their development:

"At present, we additionally create a fundamentally new technological platform based on the blockchain.  This work is carried out jointly with the partners from the United Arab Emirates.  On this world-scale platform, there will be built a safe and fault-tolerant system for managing all SkyWay technologies:  technoparks, targeted projects, the rolling stock, infrastructure and the world-wide network of Transnet.  With the help of our brockchain platform, we will launch new crypto currency".

SkyWay and the Belorussian journalists: already better

The relations between the SkyWay project and some of the Belorussian media did not work out right from the start.  Very skeptical, and sometimes frankly negative articles come out with a certain periodicity, but for some time now, such publications have little influence on the reputation of the string transport - SkyWay proves its worth by deed.  Nevertheless, skipping criticism is not in the tradition of the developers of the string transport, so we invite our readers to read the article about the EcoFest, which recently appeared on the Belorussian news portal tut.by.

In general, the article was unexpectedly positive: the journalist did not go into unreasonable and unsubstantiated reflections, but rather described the festival itself, with its numerous international guests, the demonstration of the rolling stock and the positive attitude. Of course, for explaining some technical issues, it would be worthwhile to turn to the numerous employees of the company who answered all the visitors' questions: e.g. the string transport is not accelerated up to 150 kilometers per hour, because the test site is too short for this.

Nevertheless, tut.by has not deserved the free pass for the EcoFest-2019 yet: there comes the information from our subscribers that the moderators of the portal actively delete positive comments about SkyWay. Why? It is not very clear.

But whatever the comments of strangers are, for us, our partners' positive emotions and confidence in the success is the most important thing. Thousands of photos of the EcoFest-2018, posted in social networks by the happy guests is the best proof that the festival was successful.

The EcoFest is a large-scale event devoted to the string transport technology. This year, it was followed by about 45 thousand people: 5 thousand guests visited the EvoTehnoPark personally, more than 40 thousand were watching the event online. Nearly 5 thousand viewers were watching the live broadcast. There are operating samples of the vehicles, various types of the string infrastructure and other technological innovations related to the development of the SkyWay string transport on the territory of the demonstration-testing ground of CJSC "String Technologies" .

The main task of the EcoFest is to demonstrate the possibilities of a harmonious neighborhood of technology and nature. The SkyWay String Transport is created as part of an innovative approach to passenger and freight traffic, based on economy, environmental friendliness and high efficiency. The use of the proven technologies in combination with the innovative developments provides the SkyWay string transport with a high level of safety and energy efficiency. At the same time, the construction of the strings tracks remains affordable due to the low material consumption and lightness of the structure. 

The link to the online broadcast of the Ecofest-2018: https://vimeo.com/283406872

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