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Innovative rail-string track structure on test track 4

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Construction of a transport overpass is a symbiosis of engineering ideas, technology and experience. Each of these areas implies responsibility, professional competence and dedication on the part of the engineers and workers who bring it to life.

From a technical point of view, the installation of a prestressed string-rail track structure is the implementation of innovative solutions adopted at different stages and levels of design and technology development. The construction of a string-rail flyover is a unique task that contractors have not encountered in any other country in the world. It involves the manufacture of high-precision steel structures, work on multi-kilometre prestressed sectors with a total tension of 1,800 tonnes, and the ability to use innovative materials.

At the moment, one of the most important stages of the flyover's life cycle -- installation work -- is underway. Thanks to close cooperation with the contractor and the consistent meeting all installation requirements, uSky Transport is nearing the completion of more than 2.5 km of transport and infrastructure complex.

The time for pre-stressing the strands (there are about 100 of them here) has passed. They are already shaped into cross sections according to the design and ready for the next stage. The support wedges provide the required shape of the upper chord and also determine the exact position of the hangers connecting the upper and lower chords.

Standard hoists are used for working at height. Thus, the contractor can get the equipment to the construction site quickly.

Standard equipment for a customised solution: hydraulic anchor jacks mounted on intermediate supports, replace 8 heavy duty cranes. This helps to avoid high financial costs.

Textile slings as temporary suspensions. This fairly economical and easy-to-install solution allows the lower chords to be shaped into the shape of the design course. The aluminium profiles increase electrical conductivity and the compound hardens all elements into two cross-sections — two string rails.

High-precision beams of variable stiffness (flexible saddles) allow UPods to pass smoothly through the intermediate supports. 20-metre long beams are manufactured with millimetric accuracy.

A unique tooling is developed by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. designers for the supplementary fixing of aluminium and composite profiles.

The design of the tool allows free movement along the rail structure while making the required number of mounting holes with the specified pitch and accuracy.

It takes no more than an hour to train the contractor's personnel. After that, the uSky Transport personnel only monitor.

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