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The traditional "Share New Year" offer is with you again!

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To thank our partners for their support and to wish them a Happy New Year, we have relaunched the «Share New Year» offer. With it, you can support the project at the discount of 1:80 and share the offer with your friends until 13.01.23 

The offer has now become a tradition, but its conditions have been updated. More active partners can now access it:

— Users from «Leader» status regardless of the amount of personal and partner investments;

— Users who have invested personally or attracted at least $2,500 in the first line since 1 January 2022 and 13 January 2023 inclusive;—

— Users of the personal office over 55 years of age;

— Users who have verified children The child's date of verification is not important.

Please note: if you register any of the packages and gift 3 coupons by 22.12.22 19:00 (GMT+3), then, you can register a package and gift the coupons again between 22.12.22 and 13.01.23. The updated offer also applies to those partners who have been gifted access, — if you register a package before 22 December, you can do so again.

For the partners who did not manage to register a package before 22.12.22 19:00 (GMT+3), the offer will remain unchanged: you can register one package only once.

The offer will run until 13 January 2023.

Support the project with the 1:80 discount

With the «Share New Year» offer, you can support the project with a lump sum or in installments at the 1:80 discount on the following terms:

The offer «Thank you 20,000»

— 20,000 shares for $250 as a lump sum

— 20,000 shares for $50 monthly for 5 months

The offer «Thank you 40,000»

— 40,000 shares for $500 as a lump sum

— 40,000 shares for $100 monthly for 5 months

The offer «Thank you 80,000»

— 80,000 shares for $1000 as a lump sum

— 80,000 shares for $200 monthly for 5 months

Share the 1:80 discount with your friends!

With «Share New Year» you can congratulate your team members and gift them three coupons that open up access to the 1:80 discount.

It is important: coupons 2X, 1.5X, 1.2X, 1.1X cannot be applied to the offer. The coupons for an investment are not accrued after the payment of the obligations for a package either.

You can send a coupon only to a partner in your first line, who did not receive the access to the offer «Share New Year» earlier. Only one coupon can be gifted to one user. You cannot return or regift the coupon.

Once again, our congratulations and best wishes for a successful completion of this year and a successful start to 2023, where new events and opportunities will be awaiting you together with the Sky World Community. Happy Holidays!

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