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Railway Technology on the advantages of freight transport UST Inc.

Микроразметка статьи

The UK media Railway Technology has released a partner publication «Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Is Opening up New Opportunities in the Cargo Industry Transportation».

The authors of the article have analysed the main advantages of the freight string transport, which they attribute to:

– Material consumption and durability. The rail-string flyover requires no regular maintenance and can have a service life of up to 100 years.

– Resistant of the track structure to various weather conditions, which makes it possible to transport loads in regions with difficult climates and terrain. 

– Affordability and speed of delivery. It is provided by intermediate supports that can be installed up to 3 km apart, bypassing various obstacles.

– Automated control systems.

– Minimum land acquisition for construction compared to traditional trestles.

The article concludes by noting that UST Inc. is capable of transporting up to 100 million tons of goods per year, and the use of such transport could become popular due to its high reliability and environmental friendliness.

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