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LEVEL UP winners and prize winners in December

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We have recently given a great welcome to the arrival of the year 2021. But let us go back to 2020 for 5 minutes and find out which LEVEL UP members and countries were the most active in December.

Last month, more than 400 participants from Mexico, Slovakia, Germany, the UK, Australia and 30 other countries participated in the competition. And the prize pool was over $6000 ! Part of this amount went to the top 10 competitors from all over the world. Let us find out who these winners are.

Who has become the best in the world rating?

The world number one in the last month’s world rating was a competitor from Slovakia. The partners from this country have repeatedly shown high achievements in the LEVEL UP bonus program. And the December’s results have only proved that! Our congratulations!

There are also two participants from Nigeria who are ranked 7th and 8th in the world rating. For the 5th month in a row now, the Nigerian partners are among the top prize winners of LEVEL UP. We wish them a continuation of this great tradition in January!

The other 7 places went to Vietnamese partners. For all the months of the LEVEL UP bonus program, the Vietnamese partners have been in the highest ratings! What an amazing effort!

Let us remember how the prize fund was distributed among the top 10 LEVEL UP partners in December:

Which countries were the most active?

In December, the rating of all countries consisted of 18 positions. The geography of participants stretched from Russia to Macedonia, and from Vietnam to the Netherlands!

We remind you that the rating only include countries with at least three LEVEL UP members. The more participants a country has, the higher is its place in the rating.

Let us traditionally congratulate Vietnam and Nigeria. For 8 months in a row these countries have taken places 1 and 2 respectively. But it is the second month that India has been getting closer to them. In December, this country took the honourable 3rd place. Let us see who takes the lead in January!

Other countries have managed to gain higher positions compared to November. Kyrgyzstan, for example, increased its team from 4 to 13 in one month and managed to move up from 12th to 4th place. And Cameroon increased its team by 3 more people and moved up to 7th place from 13th. Excellent job done!

A few more countries have come back to the rating after a short break! In December, we are again delighted to welcome the UK and Peru. We're looking forward to seeing these countries again in January!

And now we would like to congratulate the December debutants! Last month, we had Mexico and Nepal in our rating for the first time. Welcome to the competition, dear friends! We wish all of you the best for the coming months in the LEVEL UP bonus program!

Let us remember again who made the LEVEL UP leaderboard in December:

How to increase your chances of winning in January?

Throughout January, the offer «Share New Year» is still in force. You can invest at the 1:100 discount with this offer and give your friends gift coupons for offers at the same discount.

The coupons can be used to thank active members and to get new partners interested in the special offer which is only available to you and a limited number of investors. Please read the detailed terms and conditions in our news.

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