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Winners and prize winners of LEVEL UP in September

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We keep telling you about the results of the LEVEL UP bonus program. This time, we are summing up the results for September! Last month, 331 people competed for prizes and money rewards. And the size of the prize fund was more than 7000 dollars!

We thank all partners who joined the bonus program. The geography of the competition proves a truly international interest in the SkyWay project. Together with you, we can accelerate the development of the string transport and bring it closer to the world market. Thank you!

Who has become the best in the world rating?

We remind you that last time, the first place was taken by a participant from Slovakia. In September, partners from this country managed to improve their results and took two positions at the head of the rating – the first and second ones. Congratulations to the Slovaks!

Traditionally, the September rating includes partners from Vietnam. The participants from this country took as many as six places – from the 3d to 8th ones. Month after month, the Vietnamese partners prove their professionalism and receive well-deserved monetary rewards!

In September, the rating again included partners from Nigeria who took the 9th and 10th places. It was in this country that the first office to work within the system «SWC Icebreaker», was open, which allows to get contacts of potential investors. It is not surprising that the Nigerian partners manage to show significant results in LEVEL UP already for the second month.

Which countries have been the most active?

In September, the rating of all countries consisted of 13 positions. We remind you that the rating includes countries which have at least 3 LEVEL UP participants. The more participants, the higher is the place in the rating!

As in August, the first two places were taken by Vietnam and Nigeria. But the third place was taken by Indonesia, which managed to outrun one of the leaders of the previous month, i.e. Slovakia. Congratulations to all Indonesian participants on this result!

Besides Indonesia, some other countries have improved their position. For example, India has risen from the 8th to 4th place. The country lacked only two participants to reach the 3rd position in the rating.

We would really like to congratulate the countries which have made it to the rating for the first time. This time, Peru and Kenya have made their strongest debut in the list. In September, already 4 partners from Peru and 3 from Kenya managed to compete for rewards. We wish these countries new achievements in October!

How to increase your chances of winning in October?

The discount 1:100 and the hologram in the EcoTechnoPark. Tell a potential investor about a new offer «Faces of the Future» with which you can

– Invest by a lump sum or in installments at the discount 1:100.

– Create your hologram, which will be placed in the Museum of the Testing Centre in Belarus and in the SWC personal office.

The offer «Faces of the Future» allows not only to invest with the highest discount in your personal office, but also to enter the history of the SkyWay project.

The discounts 1:40 и 1:80. Tell a potential investor about the offer «STEP-UP 2021». Up to 31 October (23:55 UTC+3), the offer is available with the 1:40 and 1:80 discounts in installments and by lump sum investment.

The LEVEL UP results on social networks. You can share your achievements in a post on social networks by using the button «Share». When a person follows your link and makes an investment, you will receive points and increase your chances of winning already at the beginning of the month.

Professional training. To attract more investors and get more points, you can take one of our training courses.. You will learn to promote the project on social networks and learn how to negotiate professionally with any client.

Partner Tools. To improve your LEVEL UP results, use the special Partner Tools: presentations, landings, metrics tools and referral links to the SWC website. For example, you can tell an investor about the SkyWay project and conduct a virtual tour of the Testing Centre;EcoTechnoPark in 360° format.

System «SWC Icebreaker». Get started with the system «SWC Icebreaker», which allows to receive daily contacts of potential investors. Thanks to the new system, partners from Nigeria get to the world rating and the rating of the strongest countries already for the second month.

LEVEL UP news.Regularly read the results of LEVEL UP in your personal office to understand the competition and to get to know news about your rivals. LEVEL UP results will help you choose successful tactics for the next month and increase your chances of winning.

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