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Why would Unibus need 10,000 km of mileage?

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Unibus U4-210 is being tested at the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark for gaining 10,000- km mileage. It is being run to identify weaknesses: units and systems that will require refinement to improve safety.

Unibus U4-210 is a one-piece vehicle with a capacity of 14 people for urban and suburban routes. This string transport is driven by a traction electric drive powered from the contact network or from the on-board energy storage. Electric motors of traction drive are combined with the wheels in a common unit – motor-wheel. . So, there is no need to install transmission units (gearboxes), and there is a possibility to reduce the size, weight and cost of a drive.

The Unibus cabin is equipped with microclimate, lighting, audio system and video panels for informing passengers. All control is automatic. There is no need for a garage, and the Unibus can be used in different climatic conditions.

The SkyWay transport system with such unibuses can transport up to 50,000 passengers per hour. The subway in Moscow has approximately the same performance. The expected average service life of Unibus U4-210 is 25 years.

The testing goal is to understand how reliable and efficient the Unibus is, to find out when parts, units and assemblies reach their limits; to establish various standards, identify advantages and disadvantages, develop recommendations for modernization.

During the testing period, the specialists of CJSC «String Technologies» expose the vehicle to the loads that are expected in everyday use. The employees monitor the technical condition of the product and document the results. It is important to record exactly after what time the vehicle and its components will finish their life cycle. This will help to further improve the vehicle and work out the methods of its repair.

The tests will result in performance and reliability data for parts, systems and units under certain operating conditions. They are used when designing new models with unification in mind or when upgrading the Unibus and its components.

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