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The launch date of the first line of the SkyWay Innovation Centre in the UAE is postponed

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The management of the SkyWay Company-developer together with the partners in the UAE decided to postpone the start of the first line of the Innovation Centre in Sharjah. We remind you that initially, its start was scheduled for April-May.

There were a few circumstances that affected this decision: political climate in the region, economic forecasts, peculiarities of the current stage of negotiations with customers, relations with contractors, the degree of readiness and integration of the presented technological complex and even the cultural characteristics of the UAE, which are important in business communications processes.

There was the simultaneous presentation of a wide product line in the company's plans for the launch of the SkyWay Innovation Center: automatic control systems, blockchain platform and the entire infrastructure of the «second level». Unfortunately, multitasking complicates the work, requires the involvement of specialists from the side, additional approvals, etc.

Now most of the solutions that SkyWay developers plan to present when launching the first line of the SkyWay Center in Sharjah are in the final stages of creation and testing. In the near future, there will be started the blockchain platform, the developers of the intelligent control systems have begun testing hardware-software, and the Unicar in tropical design has already passed the whole complex of tests in Belarus and is ready to be sent to Sharjah.

In order not to create informational reasons, the SkyWay management decided not to announce a new launch date for the Centre right now, but with taking all the preparatory work into the account, the next date will be unequivocal and final. 

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