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«String transport is one of a kind»

Микроразметка статьи

The TV channel «Mir»'s reporters have been the guests of the string transport developers. They talked to the chief designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy and other employees of the CJSC «String technologies», visited the EcoTechnoPark and rode the Unicar.

In the review issue, the correspondent of the channel spoke about the advantages of the Skyway transport, the intricacies of the production and appreciated the prospects of the project.

Here is how the SkyWay project in the UAE was presented in the report:

The project has already attracted interest in the Arab Emirates. In the capital Abu Dhabi, there is planned to build tracks for the Unicars in the coming years. As for operating the string transport in Minsk, it is unknown yet. This transport is not legalized in CIS countries as yet. The SkyWay experts are currently working to fix this legal inaccuracy. More than 500 people are engaged in the implementation of the SkyWay project in Belarus.

You see the full release on the channel's website.

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