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Criticism of SkyWay in Lombardy – reasons and conclusions

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Recently, the transport Commission of the Italian region of Lombardy was considering the option of extending the metro line using the SkyWay technology, and concluded that it was not real.

This is how the event is described in the regional newspaper“Corriere della sera”

«In the transport Commission, the Belorussian company demonstred a non-existent railway system suspended in vacuum: the vehicles fly over cities «every 15 seconds» at a speed of «500 kilometres per hour». It's all a lie.»

The described assessment is absolutely justified. The Belorussian company-developer had nothing to do with the presentation. Our transport system is not a railway one, it is not suspended in vacuum and does not provide for a speed of 500 km/h either in the city or even in the suburbs, because at short distances it is meaningless. All that is really a lie.

In addition, as the illustration to the article shows, during the presentation, instead of the video footage of the existing samples of the SkyWay rolling stock, there was used an outdated visualization of the high-speed unibus, made before the practical implementation of the project in 2015, and which does not correspond to the real appearance of the unibus, made public in September 2018 in Berlin.

This raises the question of the competence of the authors of the presentation. At the moment, it is not known who presented the SkyWay to the Commission, because no one asked for advice from the company-developer.

The General Designer of CJSC «String technologies» Anatoliy Yunitskiy commented on the situation:

«Who authorized those people to speak on my behalf? Those are impostors! We will deal with this situation, and with alike ones in the case of its repetition, punishing the perpetrators adequately to the caused damage, up to the rupture of relations. I appeal to all investment funds and our partners: the development and promotion of the project should be carried out by the parent company, which has the necessary resources and qualified personnel for this, and you can help in its financing, first of all, taking care not of your own benefit, but of the benefits for SkyWay, for its image!»

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