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The latest news about the court with the news portal "Obyektiv"

Микроразметка статьи

As we wrote earlier, three months ago, the Sevastopol city Court ordered Media Commander Group LLC to issue a refutation of the article about SkyWay on the portal "Obyektiv", which contains information that does not correspond to reality.  The details of the case have now become known.  The lawsuit filed against the publisher was first considered by the Gagarin District Court, which left it unsatisfied.  The superior court though, found errors in the work of its colleagues and ordered to remove the material, which defames honor, dignity and business reputation of engineer Yunitskiy; as well as to publish a refutation and pay material compensation.

The Court's decision came into force more than two months ago, however, "Media Commander Group" has not complied with it yet.  For this reason, the legal department of the SkyWay company-developer appealed to the bailiffs to facilitate the enforcement of the law.

At the same time, in the Crimea, the interest to the SkyWay project increases, despite attempts of some mass media to create around it negative information background.  So, recently, the representatives of the Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea and Committee on Innovation Activity at CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) of the Crimea, have visited the EcoTechoPark.  The guests were interested in the progress in the development of the project, their attention was also attracted by the flexible uncut track structure: its use in conditions of the complex Crimean relief can be extremely effective.

Svetlana Voloshina, Deputy Head of Development Department, has visited the Crimea with a return visit.  She presentated the project in the framework of the working group on pilot projects of ecological and economic orientation.  The representatives of the Crimean leadership, members of the RAS and representatives of the scientific community of the region, participated in the working group.  Following the results of the trip, there were established the working contacts with the representatives of the Department of Transport and educational institutions of the Crimea.

Of course, the main argument in disputes with our competitors and unscrupulous media that serve their interests is the real work on the implementation of the SkyWay project at the most serious level, its results are open to everyone.  At the same time, we will continue to defend the business reputation of the project in courts of all levels and jurisdictions, as the violation of the law should not go unpunished.  Several similar cases are being worked on today.

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