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Heading East Interview with Anatoliy Yunitskiy

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At the beginning of August, during the EcoFest 2018, Anatoliy Yunitskiy, General Designer of CJSC "String Technologies", announced that, due to the refusal of the local authorities of the Republic of Belarus to provide a plot of land for the high-speed SkyWay, the construction would start in the UAE in September. The guests of the EcoTechnoPark were also excited about the news of our own crypto currency and the upcoming redemption of shares in October of this year.

It is October now, and it is time to talk about how things are going with the project.

We offer you to watch the video interview with Anatoliy Yunitsky, in which he will tell us in detail about the current state of affairs, the time when the project began in the Emirates, at what stage the processes of internal coordination are, and what are the next steps to develop the project in the UAE.

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