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A new $500 lot has been added to the uTerra project

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The 2nd round of uTerra project funding is ongoing. In order to give more partners the opportunity to invest, it was decided  to add 3,000 uTerra lots with a face value of $500. On the 2nd round of investment Lot 500 when registered in a one-off payment corresponds to 26% of the company's profit in proportion to your investment, and 24% when registered in instalments.

What makes the project unique for investors:

●      Faster payback compared to other investment offers of the company;

●      Forecasted high returns;

●      Low threshold of entry into the project;

●      The number of possible investments is limited to the exact amount required to start production.

Please note: you can invest unlimited number of times as long as there are available lots. Your final income depends on the amount of personal investments and the profitability of the company, so the company does not guarantee exact amounts of income.

As a reminder, the second stage of investment will last until 20 December 2023. You can read the detailed terms  of the project here.

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