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Construction of the landing platform at uSky

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Work continues at the uSky Test and Certification Centre on a transport flyover with a semi-rigid track structure. Specialists have started erecting a platform for boarding and disembarkation of passengers of unimobiles in a suspended version.

The landing platform – one of the infrastructure elements of the over 2 km long string-rail flyiver. The capacity will be 2,500–3,000 passengers per hour (for unibus «Carat» U4-212). Total area – 110 m².

It will be as simple but functional as possible in the form of a reinforced concrete base with a steel structure placed on it for passenger access to transport. The minimalistic design of the platform allows to significantly reduce the cost of its construction: in a short time, without the need to use heavy construction machines and mechanisms.

At the moment, the foundation for the platform has already been poured, on the basis of which the steel structure frame has been assembled and the wall has been erected. In the process of implementation – formation of platform decking (floor) from composite materials and installation of a canopy to protect passengers from sun and rain while waiting for transport.

According to UST Inc. specialists, the difference between this platform and, for example, second-tier aprons is its accessibility for passengers. The structure is located on the ground level, which means that the platform does not need to be accessed by stairs or lift. In addition, the structure has the possibility of vertical adjustment for easy operation of unimobiles of different sizes. 

The final work is scheduled to be completed by the end of December. The next step in the erection of the transport infrastructure complex will be the construction of the technological section. It will be designed for routine maintenance and repair of steel-wheeled electric rail vehicles.

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