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UST Inc. continues to work on new tracks in the EcoTechnoPark

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Lines 6 and 7 – transport and infrastructure solutions uST for heavy rolling stock weighing up to 60 tons are being designed in EcoTechnoPark. Static and dynamic calculations are being carried out now, and the process of designing the main units and parts for future complexes is underway. 

Withstands more than 50 tons

One of the company's latest developments – a rigid heavy-duty rail string flyover. The line is designed for testing and certification of uST trucks. Its main feature – the ability to test heavy unimobiles weighing more than 50 tons. Due to the design of the track structure, rail electric cars will be able to travel at high speeds. In addition, with a significant reduction in material intensity, the track has a high load-bearing capacity, as well as high stiffness and smoothness of the track. At the moment, 18 intermediate supports have been installed in the EcoTechnoPark. The length of the line will be 912 m.

Emphasis on functionality

The semi-flexible, heavy-duty rail string flyover will make it possible to test suspended unimobiles, as well as to practice design solutions for the track structure. The design of the track is suitable for the organisation of the movement of heavy unimobiles weighing more than 20 tons. The length of the line will be 720 m. The track will feature a long unsupported span length – more than 280 m. This will make it possible to traverse areas with more difficult terrain, as well as to lay routes over infrastructure facilities.  

«The solutions we are developing will enable us to operate passenger and cargo unimobiles in various climatic conditions, including high equatorial temperatures and frosts of the north, taking into account strong wind loads. At the moment we are designing elements of future lines and agree on the necessary requirements for them», – said the head of the department of transport flyovers Yuri Kashchuk.

Recall that today EcoTechnoPark has 5 track structures with a total length of 4 km: flexible, super light, rigid, semi-rigid and specialized cargo lines. Each of them has different tension parameters and different material capacity depending on the purpose, traffic intensity and types of rail electric vehicles used. On track structures, unimobiles can reach speeds of up to 150 km/h.

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