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The "Faces of the Future" offer is once again available in the user account.

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As of 6 February, the offer «Faces of the Future» has been available in user account. With it, you can make any number of investments at a 1:90 discount and get a hologram with your photo in the EcoTechnoPark museum.

How to get the hologram:

1. Make the investment «Faces of the Future»;

2. On the «Faces of the Future» page, upload your photo and select the string transport model that will be on the hologram, — Unicar, Unibike, Unibus, Uniwind or Uniflash;

The ready-to-use hologram will appear on the «Faces of the Future» page in the sections «My hologram», «Gallery», and in the EcoTechnoPark Museum;

You will be able to create a hologram only after you have paid the full amount of your investment according to one of the requirements:

— in installments of $500 for 10 months;

— as a lump sum of $5,000.

With the «Faces of the Future» offer you can get 450,000 shares for $5,000. That is 275,000 more stakes than for a lump sum investment with the same amount at the standard discount of the current stage.

If you have already taken advantage of the «Faces of the Future» offer, you can invest at the 1:90 discount again an unlimited number of times until 17.02.23. At that, only one hologram will be given and only once, regardless of the number of investments.

Please note: coupons for the «Faces of the Future» offer will not be credited. Coupons cannot be applied to the offer either. And you can invest only from the main and bonus accounts

Go to the «Faces of the Future» page to see what the ready-made holograms look like and make an investment with one of the highest discounts in your user account. Click here to see what the ready-made partner holograms look like.

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