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uSky transportation complex as a part of environment

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One of the integral steps in creating the uSky rail-string transport overpass is integrating the uSky transport complex into the environment.

On the one hand, the complex shall meet customer requirements for passenger capacity, speed, safety, logistics and other functions. On the other hand, the complex naturally becomes an element of urban infrastructure or a part of natural landscape. And there are a lot of factors the team shall take into account here.

In the modern world, land is very expensive, thus the requirement for a minimum land allotment. Most often, the customer wants to reduce the traffic on the roads, and in this case, the construction of the rail-string transport flyover takes place in restrained urban conditions. Sometimes it is necessary to connect two banks of a wide river, which inevitably leads to increased spans of the flyover, which in turn entails the need to install massive anchor supports and high intermediate supports.

And with all these requirements, the uSky prestressed string-rail flyover demonstrates flexibility: an individual approach to each and every customer requirement, ability to move cargo and passenger traffic in difficult urban and climatic conditions.

String-rail transport flyover at the final stage of construction. As the string rails are suspended, the power struts of the intermediate supports are installed, and the flyover acquires its final form.

One hydraulic hoist is sufficient to lift the entire 288-meter long span. This process solution has significantly saved both time and financial resources. Installation of the upper chord, two lower chords, support beam is carried out without the necessity to use a single crane.

Temporary suspensions are installed with 12-meter increments. This is enough to hold the lower chords and carry out the subsequent installation stages at height.

Chords of the rail-string transport flyover are nearing the crossbar of the support. All subsequent installation stages will be carried out at a height of up to 20 meters. The land will be left free for use by people.

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