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The transport concept of of the future Moscow is presented

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Museum of Transport of Moscow presented a forecast for the development of the city's transport network within the framework of the project "Around Moscow-City". Computer-generated illustrations show how the capital of Russia will change in the future if new transport technologies are introduced into its infrastructure.

The exhibition of the Museum of Transport of Moscow demonstrated options for organizing transport systems for the Moscow-City complex and other metropolitan hubs with heavy traffic. Among similar urban routes are the Third Transport Ring, Dorogomilovsky Road Bridge, Dorogomilovsky Tunnel and others.

The visualizations trace the main trends in the development of large transport hubs of the future: landscaping, organizing pedestrian crossings, replacing bulky structures with lightweight options, and redistributing passenger traffic to several levels. According to the computer, the best solution to these problems is the use of overpass transport.

The uST technology complies with this concept already today and organically fits into the infrastructure of Moscow, meeting the basic requirements of safety, environmental friendliness and accessibility:

  • The string-rail overpass is located above the ground, which effectively solves the problem of traffic jams and eliminates accidents. Anti-derailment system andautomated control system are responsible for safety;
  • Flexibility in the construction of the track structure, which is based on the principle of careful integration into the environment. The construction does not disturb the movement of ground and surface waters, the natural landscape is preserved;
  • The uST transport and infrastructure complexes are capable of transporting up to 50,000 passengers per hour. With the help of automated control systems, transport adapts to the passenger flow, which helps to avoid crowding at stations.

At the same time, the construction and operation of uST complexes are economically more profitable compared to other modes of transport. This is due to the low material consumption of string-rail overpasses and the absence of the need to build overpasses, bridges, earthen embankments and multi-level interchanges.

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