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UST Inc. continues to work in El Salvador

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Unitsky String Technologies Inc. continues the work to develop the transport infrastructure of El Salvador.

Presidential Commissioner for Strategic Projects Cristian Flores had earlier announced the government's plans to use the uST technology.

Request for alternative technology

Over 1,400,000 guests visited El Salvador in 2021 — this, together with the region's high population growth, necessitates an efficient development of the transport system. A large number of architectural monuments and dense urban development have created a demand for the use of alternative transport technology. It should be productive and easily adapted to the conditions of the formed environment. Such a transport system will ensure the transportation of a large number of passengers while not affecting objects of historical and cultural value. 

New opportunities with uST complexes

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. offers unmanned electric vehicles on steel wheels that will provide efficient and safe transportation for up to 50,000 people per hour. The uST tracks can be laid over existing urban areas and fit harmoniously into the local architecture. At the same time, the construction of uST complexes is more affordable in comparison with the laying of railways or roads.

In addition, the uST transport is ideal for excursions, for example, in national parks or nature reserves. Tourists and residents of El Salvador will be able to enjoy picturesque views without the intervention of transport in the ecosystem of the region. By the way, the multimedia system installed in uPods can easily replace the guide.

The highest level of security

Today, there are more than 20 active volcanoes in the country. Only in the last 200 years, the capital of El Salvador has been partially destroyed five times. In such situations, rescuers often have to deliver life-saving essentials along completely destroyed roads.

With the help of uST complexes, it is possible to transport passengers and cargo, regardless of the situation, because:

— The uST track structure is located above the ground, which ensures a high level of transport safety;

— The string-rail overpass is resistant to natural disasters, including earthquakes. Even with the destruction of several intermediate supports, it will remain intact due to prestressed strings.

In addition, uST transport and infrastructure complexes are equipped with an automated control system. It continuously reads information from the track and allows vehicles to instantly respond to obstacles and threats.

Now the Sonsonate government and representatives of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. carry out the development of routes for the development of the transport infrastructure of the city. One of the options — integration of the uST complex with the Pacific Railway, which is being built under the presidential program.

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