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There has been credited one 2X coupon for partners

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For technical reasons, the partners who did not redeem 2X coupons under the terms of the offer saw the promotional offer in their personal offices. We apologise for the error and give you one 2X coupon that is valid until Thursday.

Now you can use 2X coupons and redeem them until 24.11.22. It is a great chance to stay in the SWC Champions Challenge and improve your score before the next giveaway. And to return all redeemed 2X coupons this Thursday, you should:

  • Use the coupons yourself up to 24.11.22;
  • Gift them to a friend up to 24.11.22.

Please note: the coupons you received today can be redeemed until 24.11.2022. If you have not redeemed at least one coupon after another giveaway, your participation in the offer is terminated.

You can view your coupons and redeem them in your personal office in the section My coupons.

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