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uSky Transport introduced a comfortable and safe uBus

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uSky Transport presents safe models uBus U4-210, uBus U4-220 and uBus Carat. They are designed for daily comfortable trips on urban and suburban routes in various climatic conditions.

uBus — an electric rail vehicle on steel wheels designed for urban and suburban routes. It moves on overpasses with a prestressed track structure based on the innovative uSky railbed.

All uBus models are automatically operated and driven by electric traction drive. The electric motors are fed from the catenary system or from the onboard storage. They are combined with wheels into a single unit — a wheel motor.

uBus U4-210 can carry 14 people, uBus U4-220 — 100 people or more due to the installation of additional transport modules (cars). Thus, the uSky transport system is capable of transporting up to 50,000 passengers per hour. Also, cabins of all uBus models are lit and equipped with microclimate, audio and video information systems.

Main technical characteristics of U4-210:

— Length, 5100 mm

— Width, 1340 mm

— Height, 3200 mm

— Passengers, 14

— Curb weight, 2450 kg

— Gross weight, 3500 kg

— Noise level, not over 75 dB

— Maximum gradient, 15%

— Top speed, 150 km/h

Main technical characteristics of U4-220:

— Length, 8870 mm

— Width, 2000 mm

— Height, 3200 mm

— Passengers, 48

— Curb weight, 8000 kg

— Gross weight, 11600 kg

— Noise level, not over 75 dB

— Maximum gradient, 15%

— Top speed, 150 km/h

uBus Carat — another model of a comfortable urban EV. Its capacity is 16 people. Transport is equipped with an intelligent security system and a multimedia system. These developments will soon join the uPods line at the uSky Testing and Certification Center and will be used on the fourth test track.

We remind, that the certification of the fourth test track is already underway by the companies uSky Transport and TÜV SW Standardization Certifications.

The possibility of implementing uBus Carat transport solutions has already been demonstrated to delegates from El Salvador during a visit to the uSky Testing and Certification Center. Creating innovative and environmentally friendly transport, uSky Transport looks to the future with confidence and enthusiasm. The company is open and always happy to see new guests at the Testing and Certification Center in Sharjah.

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