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Get coupons before switching to sub-stage 14.3

Микроразметка статьи

On 19.10.22 the string transport project completes the current sub-stage, which has lasted 17 months. During this time, more than 100 delegations have visited the Testing Centre in Sharjah, the string transport has been certified in the UAE, the company developer has presented new models, and Anatoli Unitsky has announced the signing of four contracts for targeted projects at the same time.

In many ways, it was your support that made these and other achievements possible. You helped finance the project, created teams, talked about the string transport in your countries, or just discussed it in the comments. Regardless of the degree of participation, we value all our like-minded people.

But we especially want to thank those who invested in the project and attracted new partners during stage 14.2. For that, you will receive coupons that can be applied to any standard offers in your personal office to increase the number of shares before the discount is reduced.

Conditions for obtaining coupons:

— One 2X coupon: if you invested in the period from 21.06.21 to 30.09.22.

— One 2X coupon: if there is at least one person in your first line who invested in the period from 21.06.21 to 30.09.22.

— Two 2X coupons: if you invested in the period from 21.06.21 to 30.09.22 and invited a partner to the first line who also invested from 21.06.21 to 30.09.22.

Please pay attention:

— Lump sum investments, fully paid installments and open installments in the period from 06.21.21 to 30.09.22 are taken into account as an investment.

— Your and your invited firend's registration date can be any.

— You and your invited friend must be verified.

— The number of invited friends does not affect the number of the coupons received. The minimum for fulfilling the conditions is one person. Even if you invite 10 people, you will still only get one coupon.

— You can deposit funds for the investment from any account, including a Share one.

— Installments that were canceled and restored in the period from 21.06.21 to 30.09.22 are also taken into account. Canceled installments without restoration are not taken into account.

Coupon Characteristics:

— Coupons can be applied to any standard investment offers. Coupons cannot be applied to personal and promotional offers like JOIN 24 and offers with the discount of 1:100 for reaching the Gold level in the SWC challenge.

— If the conditions are met, coupons will be accrued on 03.10.22.

— Coupons are valid from the moment of receipt and until the transition to sub-stage 14.3, that is, until 19.10.22.

— You can gift coupons up and down in the structure. However, if the recipient already has the 2X coupon, you cannot gift another such coupon to them.

— If you have given the coupon to your friend, he or she will have 7 days to get advantage of your gift.

— The recipient of the gift coupon can only use it on standard offers over $ 500. The coupon cannot be regifted.

The coupon can be activated in the section «My coupons».

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