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Updated conditions of the coupon system

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We share the current conditions of the coupon system:

Types of coupons

‒ Coupon 1.1X increases the number of shares per investment by 10%

‒ Coupon 1.2X increases the number of shares per investment by 20%

‒ Coupon 1.5X increases the number of shares per investment by 50%

‒ Coupon 2X increases the number of shares per investment by 100%

How to get coupons

You can get coupons in the following ways:

1. For personal investments

To get coupons for a personal investment, you should register an offer in your personal office with the designations «1,2X» or «1,5X». Depending on the amount of investments, the number and size of coupons will vary:

‒ From $200 — 1 coupon (1.2X)

‒ From $1,000 — 1 coupon (1.5X)

‒ From $5,000 — 2 coupons (1.5X, 1.2X)

‒ From $25,000 — 3 coupons (1.5X, 1.5X, 1.2X)

‒ From $50,000 — 3 coupons (1.5X, 1.5X, 1.5X)

You will get coupons only after you deposit the full amount for a lump sum investment or make the last installment payment.

2. For attracted investments

To get coupons for attracted investments, you should invite a person to your first line who will register in the personal office from 11 February, 2022 (inclusive), and in total invests in installments or in a lump sum from $500. The more this amount is, the more coupons you will receive:

‒ From $500 to $999 — 1 coupon (1.2X)

‒ From $1,000 to $2,999 —1 coupon (1.5X)

‒ From $3,000 to $4,999 — 2 coupons (1.5X, 1.5X)

‒ From $5,000 — 3 coupons (1.5X, 1.5X, 1.5X)

For example, you invited a person to your first line who immediately invested $1,500. For this, you will receive one 1.5X coupon. Then, the same partner can invest another $1000 ($2500 in total). This time, coupons will not be credited, because the total amount of attracted investments has not reached $3,000. As soon as the partner invests another $500, you will receive two 1.5X coupons, according to the terms.

3. As a gift

There are several ways to get coupons as a gift:

‒ Participants of the SWC partner program can give you 1.5X and 1.2X coupons. You cannot regift such coupons.

‒ Everyone who has registered in the personal office since 11 February 2022, receives one 1.1X coupon, which can be used an unlimited number of times for any investment offers for 72 hours from the date of registration. These coupons cannot be regifted either.

4. For achievements in the SWC Challenge

From 1 May, 2022, the 2X coupons for achieving bronze level in the first stage of the SWC CHAMPIONS CHALLENGE competition can also be received in your personal office. Read the detailed terms and conditions of the SWC CHAMPIONS CHALLENGE in news.

How to use coupons

Coupons in the «My Coupons» section can be used in two ways:

1. To make an investment

Coupons can be used to make an investment and get more shares. For example, if you apply a 1.5X coupon to a lump sum investment of $1,000 with a discount of 30, then, instead of 30,000 shares, you will get 45,000 shares — 50% more.

For coupons 1.5X and 1.2X, there are applied the following conditions when choosing an offer:

‒ The 1.5X coupons can only be applied to offers from $1000.

‒ The 1,2X coupons can only be applied to offers from $500.

‒ The 2X coupons for the achievements in the Challenge can only be applied to offers from $500.

Please note:

– Coupons can only be applied to new lump sum investments and instalments made from 11 February.

– You will receive an increased number of shares per investment with a coupon when you pay the full amount of the lump sum investment or close the paid off instalments.

– You can use funds from only the main or bonus accounts for an investment applying a coupon.

‒ A coupon is only applicable to the base and bonus parts of shares. The extra bonus for all payments without arrears in the offers «Kid» and «Student» cannot be increased with the coupon.

‒ One coupon can only be applied to one investment offer.

2. To gift to a partner

Coupons can be gifted down and up in the structure. To receive a coupon, a person does not need to be verified and does not need to sign a partner agreement.

The date of the recipient's registration is also irrelevant.

If a person already has a valid coupon, you cannot give them a coupon of the same size. For example, if the user already has the 1.2X coupon, you can only give them the 1.5X coupon.

As a reminder:

‒ Coupons for registering in the personal office cannot be regifted. 

‒ If you gifted a person a coupon for achievements in the Challenge, personal or attracted investments, the recipient cannot regift such a coupon. 

Coupons validity

The 1.1X, 1.2X, 1.5X coupons are valid for 7 days. The coupon timer is not reset after gifting. For example, if you gifted your partner a coupon that has 2 days left to expire, the recipient will also have 2 days to use the gift.

There is, however, an exception. For the 2X Coupons for the achievements in the Challenge, the validity period has been extended to 30 days. If such a coupon is given as a gift, the validity period for the recipient is 7 days. And it doesn't matter whether you made the gift on day 1 or day 29.

If you do not use any of the coupons within the allotted validity period, the coupon will be cancelled without the possibility of renewal.

Limitations when using coupons:

‒ Coupons cannot be cumulated. For example, you cannot apply two 1.5X coupons at the same time and get 100% extra shares instead of 50%.

‒ Coupons cannot be applied to individual investment offers with an increased discount.

‒ A coupon is cancelled if you fall behind on your next instalment payment. This condition also applies to the 1.1X coupon for the registration.

‒ Coupons cannot be applied to promotional offers in the personal office. For example, like EXPO LIMITED or STEP-UP 2021.

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