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UST, Inc. has tested a new composite material

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On the website of string transport developer Unitsky String Technologies, Inc., there has been published an article about the testing of a new composite material that could be used in the construction of string tracks. Vyacheslav Babushkin, Head of the design bureau «Transport Trestle» told more about it.

According to the specialist, the new material is planned to be used to make insulators for power jumpers, which can be compared to sleepers on a track structure. The isolator has two key functions. Firstly, it is part of the jumper and allows to hold the track. Secondly, it is essential for the electrical isolation of the left-hand rail from the right-hand rail.

Since manufacturers often only provide basic product features, UST, Inc. conducted its own tests on the composite to find out what its applications might be. In the long term, this will help guarantee the durability of parts made from the new material.

Vyacheslav Babushkin described the test results as satisfactory. The material has been tested for compressive, tensile and flexural strength. All tests were organised in accordance with European standards. For greater precision, each parameter was determined using three samples.

This test is just one of many carried out by Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. The urban and freight string complexes are constantly being improved to increase the efficiency of the technology and gain an edge over the competition.

You can read the full text of the article of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. on the website of the company..

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