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International media reports on SkyWay achievements in the UAE

Микроразметка статьи

From 7 to 8 June, the English-language editions of Gulf News, Khaleej Times, and Time Out released publications about the current achievements of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. in Sharjah and the company’s development plans in the UAE. We are sharing the highlights from these materials.

The journalists point out that now in Sharjah, there is a 400-metre operating test line, on which the passenger transport is already running at the speed of 50 km/h. Two more 2.4-km tracks are also under construction. According to a representative of the UST Centre in Sharjah, the first of these tracks will be ready by the opening of the Expo in October this year, and the second one – by May 2022.

Hussain Al-Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park, also shared his views on the prospects for string transport implementation:

«We are considering Khor Fakkan, and we are also working on options in the city center. We hope to commercialize the technology and make it one of the most successful in the region.».

As a reminder: in January 2021, The National reported that a 130-km freight string track could be built between the city of Khor Fakkan and Sharjah.

In addition, Hussain Al-Mahmoudi stated that the UST transport could solve the problem of traffic congestion because string tracks are more efficient and do not require large areas of land.

Another major publication about the development of SkyWay in the UAE appeared in The National on 6 June. A detailed summary of this material is in a separate news story.

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