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How have the SkyWay project staff managed the MTRIS training?

Микроразметка статьи

The main stage of MTRIZ training for the employees of Unitsky String Technnologies Co. has been completed. In a new interview, Mikhail Kirichenko discussed the results of the training with the Head of the training, Mikhail Orlov. We remind you that MTRIZ is a modern theory of solving inventive problems.

In the interview, Mikhail Orlov praised the professionalism of the staff who took part in the training. 94% of the participants have managed to undergo the training from start to finish, and half of them received the highest marks. According to Mikhail Orlov, this is a unique result:

...I've never seen such a level in any of the dozens of companies I've worked with in the last 15 years! Well, that is a big surprise. The percentage of excellent works is more than 5 (!) times higher than even in the «best» companies.

Mikhail Orlov in his interview also thanked the specialists of Unitsky String Technologies Co. who helped to organize the training and to select the participants.

You can also get to know how the previous MTRIZ training was conducted from our news at "https://skyway.capital/news/new?id=771"> President Hotel in Belarus and Project practice in the online mode.

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