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Invest and become a part-owner of a new transport technology SkyWay

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What is Sky Way?

Sky Way is an overland transport system which uses the overhead string rails pulled between the pillar bearers. The speed of the rolling stock can reach 500 km/h while its moving is regulated automatically.

Why is Sky Way useful for the world?

1. It is totally ecological 2. It ensures the high safety level for passengers and cargo 3. It requires fewer resources for its construction than any other kind of transport
4. It allows low transportation fees 5. It has the highest speed of moving on the ground
(up to 500 km/h)
6. It gives the possibility to reach even the most hardly accessible places

What are the advantages of investing in Sky Way technology?

Profitable placement of finances

You purchase the company’s shares with the discount up to 500 times less than their nominal value and when the company enters the market you get the capitalization of 1000% and more

Lifelong dividends

You will receive the dividends from each project realized by the company in accordance with the amount of the shares you purchased

Intellectual property

Sky Way group of companies owns the exclusive right for the string transport technology. According to the estimates of the independent experts, the cost of the technology is $ 400 000 000 000

Joint ownership of the world corporation

Purchasing the company’s shares, you become the co-owner of one of the biggest transport corporations in the world

Why do we need investors?

There were several tries of financing the project by one or two big investors during 36 years but these methods of implementation of the project proved ineffective.

Sky Way company was established in 2011 in order to introduce the string transport technology to the market with the help of microfinancing (or the so-called crowdinvesting).

Even the small investments of a significant number of investors make an effective step to the success.

The mutual profit of the crowdinvesting is such: Sky Way company gets a chance to enter the world market with its innovative groundbreaking technologies and the investors become the co-owners of these technologies and receive dividends at all stages of the company’s development after its entrance to the market.

Money investment

Financing of every stage of the development of SkyWay group of companies

Construction of the test ground

Construction of demonstration (test) ground and the certification of the transport

Getting the profit

Drawing the profit from the implementation of the projects. Distribution of dividends

Execution of the preorders

Realization of the preorders in accordance with preliminary arrangements
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Real stories of successful investment

In 2012, Oculus Rift company entered the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with their virtual reality glasses and gathered two million dollars on the promise of giving the ready glasses to every investor. Facebook bought Oculus company for $ 2'000'000'000 eighteen months later.
Steve Jobs, Stephen Wozniak and Ron Wayne grounded the Apple corporation in 1976. Two weeks after this event Ron doubted the future success of the company and sold his 10% of shares for $800. These shares cost more than $50'000'000'000 nowadays.
D. Cheriton invested $100'000 in Google in 1998 by writing out a cheque to two boys, our ex-fellow countryman Sergey Brin and Larry Page. And now the stake of David Cheriton in Google makes $1'000'000'000.

The plan of realization and selling of the technology

We must construct test grounds with cargo, passenger and high-speed transport to be able to certify the technology which will ensure the preorders and sell it.

The planned end of the stage: April 2016

The current venture discount for the realized shares varies from: 1:53 to 1:500

The number of shares at the sixth stage of development: 8 000 000 000

Work performance:

Continuation of cooperation with ordering clients and suppliers of the necessary equipment, constituent parts, elements and accessories for full establishment of experimental and industrial ground with three test grounds for RSW transport systems of the fourth generation (cargo, city and high-speed transport including prototype production, road structures, the rolling stock and the so-called second level infrastructure, namely: railroad stations, stations, cargo terminals, track switches, automated safety system, operating, power generation and communication systems and other).
Continuation of working upon the technical documentation for the test grounds (for cargo, city passenger and high-speed transport), ready to operate: rail and string roads, the rolling stock and infrastructure which includes automated safety system, operating, power generation and communication systems and other. The expanding of the staff in “String technologies” limited company including the organization of the additional working places for the design engineers (the final number of places will be 125) and the operating personnel.
Continuation of works at the experimental and industrial ground EcoTechnoPark (the project of the ground, buildings, engineer networks, etc) and the construction and mounting works upon the development of three test grounds for the RSW transport systems of the fourth generation.
Beginning of works upon the construction within SkyWay program: different equipment, aggregates and constructions for the rolling stock, rail and string road elements as well as the infrastructure including the automated safety system, operating, power generation and communication systems.
Continuation of working at the design of scientific, test, technological and exploitation equipment which is necessary for the experimental and industrial development, certification, construction and operation of cargo, passenger and high-speed RSW transport systems including rail and string roads, the rolling stock and the so-called second-level infrastructure.
Continuation of cooperation with the ordering clients all over the world upon the specific projects of cargo, passenger and high-speed international RSW transport systems with the aim of concluding preliminary contracts and getting preorders with advance payments.

The expenditures at the sixth stage of development make from 6 000 000 to 18 000 000 dollars. They include the rent expenditures, organizing of additional working places for the constructors, engineers, designers and other with licensed software, salary expenditures for the constructors, managers and operating personnel, placement of preorders for the roads, the rolling stock and the infrastructure, the advance payments, marketing, design and mounting and construction works at the experimental-industrial ground and RSW-systems test grounds in EcoTechnoPark in the city of Maryina Gorka and other probable expenditures)

Design and construction office

The design and construction office of SkyWay group of companies which was established in the beginning of 2014 is one of the most important elements for the implementation of the string technologies. The number of construction engineers grew to 100 people in one year. They are all talented specialists who finished very good technical schools, who have rich experience and many realized projects – they are the brain and the heart of the company. They are the ones who develop the technical documents for the implementation of the innovative SkyWay project.

The existing preorders

More than 100 companies are interested in the SkyWay technology and are waiting for its certification. More than a thousand of infrastructure projects are waiting to be implemented for the benefit of billions of people.

€ 60 000 000 000

European Union

High-speed road «London-Berlin-Moscow» and further to Tokyo.

€ 80 000 000 000


High-speed road «Melbourne — Sydney — Brisbane» and further around Australia

€ 4 000 000 000


High-speed road «Moscow— Minsk — Vilnius — Kaliningrad»

€ 8 000 000 000


Cargo road for iron ore «Mutun – sea port in the Pacific ocean»

€ 7 000 000 000


High-speed road «Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City»

€ 5 000 000 000

United Arab Emirates

City speed roads in the cities of Dubai and Sharjah

€ 164 000 000 000

The total sum of the preorders

More profitable way of investing money

Comparing of possible profit of investments for a term of three years

19$ Profit

Bank deposit

19 %
19$ Profit

Investment fund, unit investment fund, beneficial ownership

50 %
> 19$ Profit

Sky Way

> 1000 %

1 $
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Who already made investments in SkyWay

More than 10 000 partners and shareholders from 20 countries
Governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug
A. Philipenko
Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai
A. Lebed
Ministry for economic development of the Russian Federation
State Committee for Construction of Russian Federation (GOSSTROY)
The Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia
Soviet Peace Fund

General designer of the group of companies Sky Way

Yunitsky Anatoly Eduardovich

• The Russian scientist, innovator and entrepreneur • The creator and chief constructor of Sky Way string technology • The head of two UN projects • The member of Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia • Author of more than 140 inventions • The author of 18 theses and more than 200 scientific works • CEO of Sky Way group of companies

Our investors about the project

Alexander Mosin
Marina Son
Plaunov Vladimir Petrovich Ph.D. in engineering science
Sharkov Artem
Fyodorov Alexander
Why the investors decide to put their money in this project:

Why the investors decide to put their money in this project:

Direct investments in the technology.
The investments in the field of transport are one of the most profitable in the world.
Co-ownership of big world transport corporation.
Dividends at all stages of development of the company from each kilometer of the built roads in the whole world.
Care about the financial future as well as about the family and relatives.
Both Sky Way Capital and SkyWay group of companies are under the legal system of Great Britain, with high safety level of the private capital.
Factories and test grounds for the development of the string transport system will be built in the countries with high level of governmental protection.
The profit even from little investments may be bigger in hundreds or even thousand times.
The cost of the shares of SkyWay group of companies will be constantly growing.
The raising of funds is executed by means of crowdinvesting thus the profit will be allocated between the shareholders of the company.

Rewards and certificates

Two UN grants for the development of the project
Two international rewards of the Ministry of Transport and the State Duma of the Russian Federation “The Golden Chariot”
Two golden medals of All-Russian Exhibition Center
Three golden high-quality marks “The Russian mark”, Russian Union of Rightholders
More than thirty diplomas of the international exhibitions
The conclusion of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation

About the Sky Way technology

Anatoly Yunitskiy about specifics of targeted financing
EcoTechnoPark − functioning physical model
What is EcoTechnoPark
Russia acknowledges SkyWay: interview with Anatoly Yunitskiy and Victor Baburin
Rod Hook visited SkyWay Technologies Co

How to become an investor in Sky Way Capital company?

1. Register on the company’s website
2. Choose a parcel of shares and make a payment with any convenient payment system
3. Finish the execution procedure
4. Obtain a certificate which confirms that you became an investor and were entered into the shareholder’s register

You will be entered into the shareholder’s register and will obtain a certificate for the purchased parcel of shares.

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